eclectic vinyl orchestra

This event happens on Feb 2, 2017.

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Eclectic Vinyl Orchestra is a small group of musicians with varied tastes who love having fun and sharing great music from the 20s to 50s, including favourites of R&B, Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues and more. Adding in our special character to these timeless songs, we endeavour to engage our audience in an exchange of positive energy with fun interaction and the kind of music that makes you move. We love to perform for events ranging from quiet and conservative to wide-open and exuberant!

With a century of combined musical experience, we currently have four members. Stu is a vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, and largely leads the band. Jim plays and improvises on wind instruments including saxes, flutes and clarinets as well as performing backup vocals. Holding things down while lifting them up is Matty on bass, vocals, blues harp and the occasional trumpet. Keeping us in check is Kerry, a creative and energetic drummer extraordinaire.

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