open stage with jonah gregorio

This event happens on May 15, 2017.

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As a Guelph born 1st generation immigrant, Jonah Gregorio‘s first favorite band at the age of 3 was Huey Lewis and the News. His love for music came from listening to Micheal Jackson, The Beatles, Guns and Roses, PoisonNirvana, Blind Melon and later, 90′s hip hop and so on.

Jonah has fond memories of learning to play the piano at an early age as well as being involved in his church choir. Learning to play the guitar on the other hand, was like a flash back to the late 90s when everybody had a guitar and people were jamming like no tomorrow. Jonah learned many guitar skills from his “friends who played guitar” but his study was lengthy and vigorous. Jonah attended the Music Industry Arts College @ Fanshawe in 2002 and is remembered as the wandering guitar player often found singing or practicing his intricate guitar instrumentals in the stairwell for hours.
Carpal tunnel, and lack of resources led him to other professional careers, but music has come back to him with more momentum each time.
When Jonah met Bob Marley, he discovered the prophet and began his study of Reggae Music. Ras Humble is the name his teacher gave him. Jonah’s intention is to bring together a supportive community of music and musicians sharing love and peace without struggle and his mantra is, everything we do in life has to have purpose and meaning.
Jonah’s music ranges from Jazz Piano, Improvisational Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Reggae Rock and Roll Bass, and Electric. Styles include Folk Music, Blues, Classic Rock, Reggae, Jazz and conscious hip hop.

This bi-weekly Monday Open Stage is an invite to all musicians in Guelph to come out and enjoy showcasing their material in a comfortable and superb setting. Please note there is a baby grand Steinway piano on stage. With 14 years of experience as a Recording Engineer in the music industry, Ras Humble will be on hand to tweek sound and organize the night. He’s allowing 3 songs per musician and will be showcasing an artist each night.

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