open stage hosted by paul taylor

This event happens on May 23, 2017.

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Manhattans’ Open Stage hosted by Paul Taylor @ 6-10pm

Anyone can play from an individual to a band. Covers or originals. If a musician wishes to have piano accompaniment, bring a chart and Paul Taylor with play it!
Sign in and the host with announce you! Sing/Play as many songs/tunes as you wish, limited only by time constraints.

Performers have access to and can enjoy:
- a proper stage with lighting
- a good PA; complete with microphones, cabling and monitoring
- a Steinway baby grand piano
- the friendly, casual environment that Manhattans is so well known for


With techniques acquired more in welding school and fab shops than during the completion of his degrees and diplomas, publishing and record contracts, film scores and jingles, residency gigs, festivals, tours, workshops, radio, television, club and sidewalk appearances, Paul Taylor has been known to literally break in pianos. He broke three strings on the old piano at Manhattans and put his finger right through a keyboard – “I like being a welder/fitter, it gives me better tone.”

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